Greg Hart steps down

Added 5 months ago

At the close of the year Greg Hart stepped down from the board of the HB Future Farming, having served on the Trust since its inception.

Many of our readers will know that Greg has taken investors on board his farming operation, enabling him to pursue his vision for Mangarara Farm with ‘pedal to the metal’.

Greg emphasized, “I do want to keep in close contact and are happy to be contacted if there are any issues where you think I could support the HBFFT."

In further comments on his plans, he added: “I do believe we are living in truly unprecedented times and there is urgency to transition to a resilient and regenerative relationship with life on earth. It is for that reason that I believe that I need to fully focus on ‘Being the Change’ and trying to develop a model that could allow New Zealanders to thrive as we meet the energy, economic and environmental challenges already baked into the future.” 

Trust chair Liz Krawczyk thanked Greg on behalf of the Board: “Your passion and enthusiasm for regenerative agriculture, the restoration of natural ecosystems and vision for the world to produce quality, nutrient rich food is infectious. You have consistently urged the Trust to be at the leading edge and we appreciate the invaluable contribution you have made. 

“We understand and support your decision to fully focus on ‘Being the Change’ via your own farming operation and are delighted that you will stay in contact with the Trust and support us where you can. Likewise, we will happily support you where we can.”


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