Hawke’s Bay Future Farming Trust Project Funding & Collaboration Criteria

The HBFFT accepts applications and proposals for project funding, collaborative projects and partnership.

Our first consideration is that the project must be Hawke’s Bay-focused, expanding relevant knowledge regarding improving farming practices and resilience – economic, environmental and social – here in the region.

Projects that are geographically broader in scope and implementation must establish their clear relevance to ‘lifting the bar’ in Hawke’s Bay.


1. Goal Compatibility

Our holistic view values multiple-benefit initiatives and outcomes. Proposals should explain which of these outcomes they aim to achieve and how:

  • Improving soil health, including carbon content
  • Reducing nutrient and soil loss
  • Using water and energy more efficiently
  • Supporting biodiversity
  • Improving food quality & animal welfare
  • Developing new products or adding value to existing ones
  • Supporting social/community welfare
  • Addressing climate resilience
  • Improving farming profitability
  • Building public support for farming excellence

 2. Innovation

We value leading edge change with careful documentation of outcomes. Proposals should explain:

  • How the project will support positive system change
  • Any factors indicating the uniqueness of work to be undertaken
  • Methodology used to measure results
  • Potential scale and impact of lessons learned
  • Any risks of project failure

 3. Project extension

Every project the Trust supports should influence current and future farming practices in the region. Proposals should explain:

  • Replicability of project success
  • Plans to record project work/activities/outcomes
  • Plans to disseminate project findings and lessons
  • How project leaders will assist in promoting findings/lessons

 4. Project leadership & support

Who is the team driving the project and what support does the project have? Proposals should explain:

  • Track record of project leader(s)
  • Nature of ‘buy-in’ from relevant parties – peer farmers/growers, catchment groups, sector groups, government entities, iwi

 5. Budget & management

As much as possible, the Trust expects to leverage its own resources. Proposals should detail:

  • All project costs, including reporting/dissemination of findings
  • Project funding timeline – when will funds need to be expended?
  • Funding or other support sought from HBFFT
  • Funding already committed to project, and source
  • Other funding sources sought
  • Admin, project & financial management capability