Funding Applications

Hawke’s Bay Future Farming Trust

Funding Application

Part A: Key Details

1. Proposal Title:

 2. Please provide a very brief description of the project/activity:

[If you had 30 seconds, or 50 words, to explain to someone with no knowledge of your sector what your project is, what would you say… i.e. what you will be doing, why, and what the outcome will be]



3. Please provide the details of the applicant organisation/entity for which funding is being requested:

Legal Name:


Place of Business:


Organisation’s Website:


4. Please provide the contact details for a person as a key point of contact):

Contact Name and Role:


Email Address:




5. What is the activity / funding start and end date?

Start Date:


Completion Date:


6. Please set out the proposed sources of funding for the Project:

Source of Funding:

[Please indicate total budget and where all other funding is sourced from]


Status / Commentary

[i.e. received / confirmed / in principle]










Part B: Project Description

1. What type of activity is this application for?   

__On-farm demonstration
__Workshops or consultation
__Capability building (Education/training)

[If other, please describe here]



2. Please provide a detailed description of this activity for which funding is being applied:

[Note: please describe what the funding is for, why it is required, what the project will do, how it advances the objectives of the HB Future Farming Trust as set forth on our website:

3. How does this project break new ground within the region?

[Please cover:

- Why the project is not already underway.

- How the project provides new knowledge, data/evidence or capacity.

- Why this project will unlock the potential within the region.]




4. How is the project connected to regional (and sector) stakeholders and frameworks?

[Please indicate who other stakeholders or beneficiaries of the project might be, and whether any of this are presently involves with or supportive of the project.]



Part C: Project Delivery

1. Please provide an overview of the project management approach / plan for this activity.

[Please indicate:

-    How the activity will be managed from your organisation?

-    Who are the key personnel within the organisation relating to this project?

-    Please include bio’s and provide an organisational/project structure where possible.]


2. Please provide us with a project plan/timetable.

[Describe the key milestones for the project.]


Project Activity

Date / Period:

















3. Please provide a complete breakdown of the costs of the project:


Cost Description:


[e.g. consultancy services, covering xyz]


[e.g. equipment purchase]


[e.g. report preparation]





4. What are the proposed deliverables?















5. Please provide an overview of the applicant’s relevant skills and experience for delivering a projects of this nature:

[What is your relevant experience to assist in delivering this project.]



6. Please provide an overview of how the project outcomes can be effectively communicated to farmers/growers:




Full name:



Title / position:



Signature / eSignature: