To make Hawke's Bay farming the pride of our entire community.


Investigating soil. Promote, inspire and celebrate profitable farming systems that enrich the environment and the community.

Given our Mission, the Trust is pleased to associate itself with the vision expressed by the 'Fit For A Better World' initiative.


The ‘Future Farming Initiative’ was adopted and funded in the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s 2018 Long Term Plan. HBRC's intent was to establish an independent voice to champion sustainable agriculture in Hawke's Bay.

A working party was established to flesh out the permanent organisation structure and anticipated programme for this undertaking, culminating in formal establishment of the independent  Hawke’s Bay Future Farming Trust in September 2019, governed by a Board of Trustees (including one HBRC-designated member). 

Scope of activities

1. Understand the relevant working environment

  • Identify similar projects/initiatives and, if appropriate adapt from and/or partner
    with them.
  • Monitor literature for pertinent research, case studies, innovation, demonstrations
  • Monitor disruptive trends, technologies, consumer expectations

2. Expand HAWKE’S BAY hands-on knowledge focused on innovation, science insights and new technologies

  • Sponsor on-farm demonstration/pilot projects, including outcome measurement.
  • From focused interventions (e.g., improving soil biology, energy & water efficiency) to optimal integrated farming systems (e.g., regenerative practices)

3. Spread knowledge: Continuously improve farm practices by developing tools, tactics and
incentives for effective outreach and education

  • Identify, publicly recognize and promote Hawke’s Bay best practices,
    practitioners and champions
  • Identify and promote non-Hawke’s Bay/New Zealand practices with potential
    upside relevance to Hawke’s Bay
  • Encourage/support sub-catchment farmer/grower-led initiatives
  • Liaison with Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Integrated Catchment Management
  • Conduct education and extension activities for all farming sectors in collaboration with sector groups.

4. Establish ambitious goals for superior performance by the primary sector (i.e., what do
we want Hawke’s Bay’s best performance to look like in the future?)

  • Soil Health
  • Clean Waters
  • Food Quality
  • Animal Welfare
  • Biosecurity
  • Profitability

5. Build a regional brand/celebrated identity around superior HAWKE’S BAY agricultural performance and proud, resilient rural communities.

6. Advise Hawkes Bay Regional Council on policy, funding and regulatory matters relevant to the Future Farming Trust mission.

7. Seek external funding to accomplish/expand these activities from:

  • Local and central Government
  • Industry/sector groups
  • Service users
  • Philanthropy.