HBRC forestry project launches

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The Regional Council has reported on the first farm participating in its pilot programme to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of ‘Right Tree Right Place’ planting.

Recently, around 3,300 Himalayan Cedar and 10,000 Radiata Pine seedlings were planted on 13 hectares of erodible areas on the farm owned by Evan and Linda Potter in Elsthorpe. Further plantings will involve native species.

Mr Potter says being involved with the programme will change their current pastoral system by reducing about 400 stock units out of the system, reducing their work-load and enable them to focus on pastoral systems on the better land.

“It will add resilience to our business and it will allow us to focus on our better class of land, be more productive, and generate good income off the tougher parts of our farm.”

“I know pine trees are a swear word and in some instances, trees are a swear word, but it might be worth having a look at what they offer to improve business resilience.”

Michael Basset-Foss, HBRC’s manager of the project, which will include up to 15 farms throughout the region, says: “We need an innovative, transformational scheme to slow erosion, improve freshwater quality, enhance biodiversity and support climate resilience.”

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