Soil carbon update

Added 8 months ago

In HB's Mangaone Catchment, John and Donna Kamp’s efforts to improve the soil carbon content and water/nutrient retention on their three dairy farms is yielding results. John and Donna have shouldered most of the cost involved in this research, with the Trust helping fund the sampling analysis.

Careful soil sampling has been undertaken across the farms by farm consultants Phil Schofield (Trustee) and Paul Smith. The first results from soil sampling have been analysed by Landcare Research and show significantly increased soil carbon levels and N retention on the farms worked longer using regenerative principles.

The project is reported more completely in the Nov/Dec edition of BayBuzz magazine and can be read here. A formal research paper will be produced.

Says John: “We believe our regenerative practices will add to our soil carbon stocks, mitigating against climate change, improving water infiltration and retention, and yielding more profitable farming.”

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