Projects undertaken or supported by the Trust

Projects undertaken or supported by the Trust will be guided by these considerations:

  1. Projects that measure outcomes are critical. Key to our purpose is providing an evidence base for farmers/growers that allows various approaches to demonstrate their effectiveness at delivering across a full range of inter-connected criteria – profitability, productivity, soil health, environmental betterment, biodiversity, animal welfare, efficient water and energy use, social welfare (including mental health, use of human resources), climate resilience … even more nutritious, tastier food!
  2. Identifying and celebrating Hawke’s Bay’s best practitioners and developing and promoting relevant case studies should be a key ongoing activity. In the longer term, a Trust-sponsored ‘certification’ might be developed that reflects a holistic, HB-branded approach for recognizing, promoting and adding-value to HB’s best performers.
  3. On-farm improvements of all kinds and scale should be encompassed – from stock exclusion to tree planting to full systems change. The key expectation of all practices the Trust encourages is that they restore or regenerate financial, natural and social capital.
  4. The Trust is interested in all sectors – pastoral, horticulture, viticulture, forestry, including ‘emerging’ prospects (from hops to hemp).
  5. Trust projects will focus on what happens on the land, inside the farm gate. Other players are addressing the rest of the value chain. That said, we accept that consumer expectations will ultimately drive what is acceptable and we should monitor relevant trends/developments.
  6. Our project portfolio should include a mix of ‘quick to market’ and longer-term projects, as well as both smaller and larger-scale projects.
  7. We will actively support, accelerate and promote catchment groups, complementing and expanding upon such efforts on the part of HBRC and sector groups.
  8. Educational projects that reach beyond our core audience of farmers and growers will be part of our programme. We are also aiming to increase public/consumer support for the sector, and specifically want to interest and involve youth in farming.
  9. At some stage, the Trust will engage in grant-making, with scale, process and criteria to be developed.
  10. The Trust will collaborate with like-minded organisations and initiatives, including iwi, and actively fundraise to carry out its objectives.