Hawkes Bay Future Farming Trust Logo Design

Vision - To make Hawke's Bay farming the pride of our entire community.

hbff logo 500px

Mission - Promote, inspire and celebrate profitable farming systems that enrich the environment and the community.

  • Represent the Hawkes Bay/Te Matau-a Maui region, farming, Iwi and the community.
  • Represent all farming sectors e.g. no plants, animals, trees, food, etc.
  • Incorporates the name Hawke’s Bay Future Farming in English and Te Reo.

Logo Inspiration

  • hbff logo round 350pxThe logo uses the shape of Hawke’s Bay e.g. the curve of Hawkes’s Bay, Mahia, Cape Kidnappers, the diversity of the land/farming, the 3 main rivers and the sea.
  • Green represents the colour of nature and our farms. Blue represents the colour of water and the sky. • The shape of Hawke’s Bay represents a Koru. A Koru represents new life, growth, rebirth and a deep connection to the earth.
  • The shape of Hawke’s Bay also represents Te Matau-a-Māui, the fishhook of Māu the Māori god who fished up the North Island of New Zealand. According to legend, the hook instantly transformed into the coastline of Hawke Bay, which viewed from above still looks like the fishhook.

Ahu Whenua – Hikina Taiao is about capturing profitable farming systems whilst uplifting our environment. Both outputs/outcomes have positive community effect.

Hiki as a verb means to lift-up, to raise. The passive is Hikina meaning lifted-up or causative action:

Te Matau a Māui Ahu Whenua - Hikina Taiao – Pieri Munro HBRC